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REMINDER for 2022 Project Award Applications:  

District IX Yearbooks award applications should be mailed.  


District IX Civics Award applications may be mailed or sent digitally.


All-Star Award applications MUST BE emailed as a PDF.



Yearbook Award
Due October 1, 2023

Civic Concern  Award
Due November 1, 2023

All Star Award Application

Send form with
District IX Award Cover Sheet to

2023 All Star Award

Due February 12, 2024

Be sure to scroll down to see how to apply for the District IX Ongoing Civic Development Award 

Congratulations! District IX winners!


Clubs were honored at the District IX Annual Meeting on March 14, 20223, for the 2022 Yearbook, All-Star and Ongoing Civic Project Awards in each of three club-membership divisions.


Ongoing civic project winning entries in each membership division received a $50 prize. Any clubs that won the award for a 2022 project could not repeat as winners for 2023.


Yearbook winners in each membership division received $50 for first place and $30 for second or third place.


District IX All-Star Award winners in each membership division received $50 for first place and $30 for second or third place,

Click below to view the 2023 winners!





Congratulati0ns to everyone!



District IX will again offer three awards for the 2023 calendar year. They will be awarded at the District meeting in March 2024.


These awards are:


• District IX Yearbook Award: due 1 October 2023


• Ongoing Civic Project/Civic Concern: due 1 November 2023


• District IX All-Star Award: due 12 February 2024


Winning entries in each membership division* will receive a $50 prize for the Ongoing Civic Project. Winners in each membership division* will receive $50 for first place and $30 for second place for the District Yearbook Award and District All-Star Award. 


In addition to the dollar prize, winning Garden Clubs will be featured on the District IX website and receive a virtual certificate for posting to the club’s website or Facebook page. ​


*District IX membership divisions are determined by number of members for whom NGC and state dues are paid, including Active, Associate, Inactive, Honorary, etc.


Small Club: 29 members and under


Medium Club: 30 – 59 members


Large Club: 60+


If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Laura Vertz

District IX Awards Chair

2023 District IX Ongoing Civic Project Award   Due Nov. 1, 2023


District IX will again offer for 2023 the Ongoing Civic Project Award, which seeks to recognize and reward our district garden clubs for their continued hard work on projects in their communities. This is a broad category and could encompass many kinds of Civic Projects, from landscape projects to youth and therapy gardens to front yard beautification recognition. 


Winning entries in each membership division* will receive a $50 prize. Winners are announced at the 2024 District IX annual meeting. Any club that won the previous year will not qualify for a prize this year.


When preparing the 3-page Award Application Form, be sure to emphasize the impact of your project on your community and what makes it unique. Don’t forget to attach the District IX Award coversheet to your 3 pages. 


Your application should describe the location of project, give a brief history and benefit to the community, include involvement of any outside agencies and persons and what members do as part of the project (list chair/s and number of members participating). Include financial costs, a landscape plan if applicable (does not need to be professionally drawn), overall photos of the project and current publicity or recognition.


And don’t forget that Nov. 1 is the deadline for many state awards. Did you know that your entry for the District IX Ongoing Civic Project Award is also suitable for the GCI #23 Civic Concern Award, which is sponsored and funded by District IX? Duplicate your 3-page entry, fill out the state cover-sheet and submit it to the state chairman. For more information on state awards, see

The District IX Civic Development Award may be mailed or sent digitally.  Submission information is on the District IX Award Cover-sheet.


I look forward to your entries.


Robin Geller

District IX Awards Chair

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